K+M Accountants: The key to unlocking your figures!

Figures speak volumes, but if you are to fathom all their ins, outs and effects, you cannot do without an accountant with an umbrella view of the playing field. That is who we are: K+M Accountants, an accountancy firm in Zoetermeer. An accountancy firm with personality and no-nonsense accountants with a true understanding of how business owners think, dream and act.

We do not just look at your figures, but also explore the way you run your business, plans, opportunities and the potential threats in your industry. We just have one goal: to ensure that your business is doing fine now and will continue to do so in the future. K+M Accountants is a specialist service provider for small and medium-sized enterprises. Our clients are in the retail, construction, medical, wholesale and business service industries. We make things personal whenever we need to and work online wherever we can.


K+M Accountants takes care of your annual accounts, tax returns, payroll administration and interim figures. We are also more than willing to act as your consultant in an array of business issues. Whether it is about tax affairs, capital transfer, the settlement of estates, pension accrual or takeovers, we can help you decide on the best approach. Even the optimal arrangement of your administration might be something for us to look into. We can add solid expertise in the area of business succession within family-run businesses and have a network of outstanding lawyers, civil-law notaries and pension consultants for highly specialised legal or pension issues. Alternatively, we can consult with your regular lawyer. And if you would like to expand your business to another European country, we have international contacts to help us to help you. 

Quality assured

K+M Accountants is registered with the NBA Netherlands Institute of Chartered Accountants, RB Dutch Register of Tax Advisors and SRA Foundation of Occupational Consultants. As members of these organisations:

  • K+M Accountants delivers high quality; 
  • our quality is regularly and systematically assessed;
  • K+M Accountants can utilise the expertise and networks of these organisations to provide you the best services. 

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Customers about K+M Accountants:

  • ‘You can count on their solid advice, even if you were unaware that you needed it. In that respect, they are extremely proactive.’
  • ‘Their IT is well in order. They work online whenever they can and offline when it’s needed.’
  • ‘I really appreciate their direct no-nonsense approach. You know exactly where you stand.’
  • ‘Their umbrella view soon made it clear as to what extent my business plan would be feasible.’
  • ‘K+M Accountants is not just another online player. You can truly rely on their strong personal approach.’
  • ‘Whenever I have a question, they reply quickly and to the point.’
  • ‘I like the transparency of their invoices. They could easily teach my previous accountant a lesson or two.’

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